What information do hotels need to communicate?

Hotels often advertise various products and services to their guests, whether it is via in room TV channels, brochures, posters, or video presentations in various parts of the building. In addition, other basic information about local attractions, events, and transport schedules can be also displayed to enhance the guest experience.

How can digital signage help?

Recent developments in hardware and software have made digital signage solutions more affordable than ever. Digital technologies can help you centralise and automate your advertising campaigns, unlock data sources that were previously inaccessible, and even help create new data. For example, it is now possible to provide solutions for displaying real-time bus departures from a stop near your hotel, and even flight departures from a nearby airport at a fraction of a price of solutions from 10 years ago.

Can I not just use PowerPoint slides?

Sure. And this is exactly the current state of the art that is being used in many hotels. However, such solution can only help you to display some static content that has to be manually created and loaded on the machine that is connected to your monitors. Digital signage streamlines this process, and brings in new features such as access to dynamic content, automated scheduling, centralised control, and more. And it is not as expensive as you might think! Most older setups and TV screens can be retrofitted with new technology.

I have found some cheap digital signage providers online. Is this what you do?

Yes, and no. The idea is probably similar but there are things you should know. Hardware and software are cheap. What you really pay for is the support which requires real people. With online services that aim to provide a national or international coverage this could be a problem. Most likely, they will also not have data that you need such as live flight departures for the Aberdeen airport. We are a local business and we provide services to businesses that are within our reach. It is simple. If there is a real problem, there will be a real person dealing with it. We are also willing to develop personalised services such as custom data feeds at very competitive prices. And because we don’t have thousands of customers we really care about you and your projects.

Ok, give me some examples that I could consider for my hotel.

Here are few ideas for content that can be displayed in your hotel lobby/reception area:

Your own media content including static images and videos

Weather information

Live schedules of meetings & events

Real-time bus information

RSS news feeds